New York harbor rail tunnel pushed with special truck toll tax | TOLLROADSnews

2 Dec

They somehow think that if government builds a new rail line fifteen miles from New Jersey into Brooklyn and Queens that freight trains will come. They overlook a half a century of investment in warehousing and logistics centers in central and northern New Jersey out of which trucks daily distribute throughout the whole New York/nNJ/CT region, and for that matter into much of New England and Pennsylvania.Governments can spend the billions of taxpayer money and build a freight rail line into Brooklyn and Queens alright, as this report advocates, but wholesalers and distributors have no reason to replicate the northern New Jersey warehouses in New York City. They already have New York City covered with their New Jersey warehousing which is convenient to the region’s major port, to interstate highways, and to railheads. Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island are only a segment of their market. Why should they build expensive new duplicative facilities on very expensive New York land to serve just that market segment? They won’t do it. And without a vast network of new warehousing in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island the trailers and containers won’t be dispatched and the trains won’t come to this Cross Harbor rail folly.This has been said repeatedly by the distributors, by retailers, by logistics experts. No railroad has shown any interest in building the tunnel, and there is little interest in using it.

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